Hey WordPress, you listenin’ ?


The blogosphere we dwell in, works in strange ways;

two years hence, it’s still an inscrutable haze

You wake up one morning, ripe with thought;

restless to mold the flux down to the dot

Proud of your work, you wait for the traffic to spike;

two days fly by, and you would kill for a single like

And then you bump into some post with a mere ten words;

the scores of comments beneath make your stomach turn inwards


“What did I do wrong?”, you ponder in vain

It’s got a voice and passion that you did not feign

It’s got pictures that enliven, and grammar that’s clean,

with humorous segues you tactfully threw in between


“Then, am I not showering enough blog love?”, you wonder

To get to the bottom, you tear your comment policy asunder

A comment begets one, no doubts there

But, what to do for two likes, to show that you care?

And what about the follows, should a follow follow one?

Then you wistfully realize you don’t have a ton

You get tired and give up at the face of concerns too many,

when you refresh your blog page and hit an epiphany


“Tis for souls like us that freshly pressed solely exists!”

Alas! That too turns out to be such an elusive tryst

Does ability trump? Or is need enough to catch your eye?

coz some posts are poignant; some make you go “Why?!”

So, WP, do your little swagger, and pretend not to hear

coz when we do arrive, we’ll more than bend your ear!


25 thoughts on “Hey WordPress, you listenin’ ?

  1. I loved this, Aparna. And it’s all the more funny because it’s so true! I really don’t think there’s much rhyme or reason to blogging, as much as WP attempts to help us out with their tips and such. I say we should just carry on and do what we want, regardless of whether 1 person hears us or 100. Cheers. 🙂

    • That is so true, Lillian. As much as it bothers me to no end that I haven’t figured this WP thing out, I do think if we aren’t writing for the sake of writing and the enjoyment it gives us, we are blogging for all the wrong reasons.
      Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

    • I agree there’s no “formula” to blogging that’s the right way to develop a following. I look at the examples WP has on ‘getting Freshly Pressed,’ and on general advice, and then I read a ‘Freshly Pressed’ blog, and it breaks all of the rules and advice mentioned by WP.
      I think, as lillianccc, says “carry on and do what we want.’
      My own ‘formula’? Try to make good content, reach out to other bloggers and make comments on blogs I’m genuinely interested in, and then hope for some luck.

  2. Haha..that’s the question of the millenium! 😛
    Seems WP has its own criterias which are unrevealed to us,
    anywayz what we can do is just keep on getting better day by day..everyday!
    And yaa..nice poetic approach towards this issue..I liked it ! 😉

  3. Ha! I run into this all the time. Certain posts I dwell over, and only get a few comments. The other day I had nothing to say, and I pulled out a post I’d written a year ago and stored for a “Rainy Day” That post now has something like 101 comments on it. You just never know what will resonate with people.

    Just a thought, though… watch your tagging. Try to think of what you might type into google if you were looking for an article like yours, and type in any possible combination. You might see your numbers raise a little.

    Good luck!

    • My most successful posts usually didn’t seem like anything special to me when I first posted them. I feel two posts can be equally good, but one will be easier to comment on and will get people thinking. It can be hard to figure out.

      • True. I find myself being blown away by some posts with excellent writing, but I just don’t know what to say about them, other than a stilted “very-well written”. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

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