Adios Harry Potter……or really?

This post was originally constructed to serve as a dumping ground for all the putrid dregs I had to hurl about the happenings in my home city (Mumbai); but strangely, my better sense prevailed. With the leaders deftly soothing the masses with their strategically crafted army of words, I stood no chance of adding anything even in the realm of significance. Besides, such phenomena have a strange proclivity of repeating themselves…..surely i can write a bunch of lines then! But the finale of the Harry Potter series- the end of the saga… that’s a sure one-timer….something all of us dreamy-eyed potter fanatics had been waiting for, ever since we hungrily downed the contents of the last offering of the book! So here goes….

The movie is anything but a disappointment unlike the fifth and the sixth installments. It is well paced with the dialogues kept taut and at a need-to-know level, save a few attempts at humor. The dark and grim flavor of the book is maintained practically throughout the movie (the 3D glasses make it gloomier) avidly supported by breath-taking camera work and a riveting background score. A point worth mentioning here is that the special effects, fabulous as they were, supplanted rather than took away from the stream of the plot ( the scene inside Gringotts and the final showdown at Hogwarts are my favorites). In the acting department, Severus Snape’s character gets my prize for exuding just the right dose of surliness and for a very brief moment, kindness. Scraping a close second is the Dark lord himself for breathing pure evil. The heroic trio (Harry, Ron & Hermione) did a decent job as also some of the cameos including Mcgonagall, Molly Weasley, Aberfroth and Neville. There are some moments that take you several notches above the level of the movie – Snape’s death, the scene between the trio before Harry leaves for the ‘close’, but overall, the movie rarely slackens its grip on you. On the flipside, the final dance of death between Harry and Voldemort is a relative let-down. I guess a duel that involves shooting sparks from wands looks more like diwali-sparkler sparring than a mortal combat. Plus, the entire free fall episode shared by them was a tad over the top probably done to make up for what they lack in the actual duel.

In the grander scheme of things, the movie serves as a befitting homage to the classic that is Harry Potter with a fidelity score of 85% to the book. Also, I agree with Roger Ebert in that there is more than a room for a sequel considering how the movie ends. I am sure many HP fan-fic writers think so too!


5 thoughts on “Adios Harry Potter……or really?

  1. I thought Rowling herself was a little too corny showing the 19 years later story. She could have left it at voldemorts death. That they repeated this folly in the movie is an opportunity missed. I did like the dark look of the movie myself. Lol at Diwali sparks! Nice review

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