Boiling Point

The corporal’s command was loud and clear

It shot like a missile to awaken the dormant molecules

The minuscule (s) sprang into action, cascading into frenzy

Sluggish though they were, such a jolt couldn’t be evaded

The mission ahead was as inevitable as daunting

The pressure of a million barriers to surmount; many self-doubts to answer

The eons of docile submissiveness pulsed through their veins like venom, as they darted on with vigor

They had to attack; the cloying persuasion of tolerance or the emotional blackmail of sensitivity didn’t stand a chance this time

Prudence and fear were to have their faces pummeled beyond recognition, if they try and impede

The tiny beings mutated into a stream of vicious creatures with pincers ready to plunge into the soul of any resistance

The velocity was head-spinning, the heat neck-strangling, the danger of self-destruction looming large

An opening was all that was needed now, to vent, to maim, to destruct everything that lurked outside

The stream of fury met the lips and burst forth, to erupt, to gush out the lava held within

Instead, it danced like the waves of the vast sea, like the flames of a raging fire…a dance of victory, of vindication, of joy, a feeling transcending all anger



4 thoughts on “Boiling Point

    • Thanks! I wanted to depict the molecular events that prolly occur in our body when we begin to get angry……but in the end….anger decides to transform into something that doesn’t destruct…but enjoys that it happened for the right reason!

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