Long time no C!

It seems like i am meeting chembelle after a bitter break-up. After all, my long sabbatical has all the spices of a break-up. The tiff , or, in this case, the constant introspection and doubt that sealed the fate of my written word. The long period of ignoring its existence under the pretext of ridiculous reasons like learning how to drive a car or preparing for a competitive exam ( I failed the driving test and haven’t finished a single chapter for the test). And of course, the seething, belly-aching guilt; the guilt of knowing very well that i was just being a waste of protoplasm under the guise of being ultra busy; the guilt of not giving it the commitment i promised i would; the guilt of not trying enough!

“So, here i am swallowing my pride” (to the tunes of Taylor Swift’s new number) to reconcile with chembelle and give the relationship a breath of fresh air. For the few people who still think we make a cute couple, watch this space 😉


What do you think?

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