Musings about music…

What is it that music does to you? I am sure many have pondered over this and probably even figured out the seemingly elusive magic that leaves us simply enchanted. I am still in the process…. I write this as the melodious voice of Yesudas soothes and tranforms me into a world only known to music lovers.

Music is known to be one of the best mood-alterers . Listen to a peppy number on one of those dull, lazy days and you feel like you want to jump up and turn some things around. On the other hand, there are some moments when you just don’t want anything to disturb your solemn mood. I’d pick a soft, heart-warming song or even blues to let things be then.

Some songs have a certain quality to them. For example, in carnatic music, it is considered that ragas have the power to create the illusion of dawn or dusk. Some, it is believed, have a tranquilizing effect and, some a feel-good effect. Makes you feel that mood-altering drugs are redundant sometimes…

Classical music is just an example. This holds true for almost all kinds of music . Isn’t that the most wonderful quality of music? It is the same to all… disparity….no barriers. I believe that it has the ability to reach out and touch people in ways unimaginable. It is one of the few manifestations of the ideal world that we would all like to pe a part of.


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